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I know what you might be thinking (insert sarcasm here:  "Great....another website offering help with weight loss.  Goodie."  Allow me to start off by saying there are no gimmicks here.  You will not find a magic supplement or fad diet that will help you drop 100 pounds fast with no exercise.  Let's face it.  If those things existed you would not be here.  If that is what you are seeking, I wish you well on that path but that is not what you can expect from me.  You CAN expect:
  • Someone who has walked in your shoes and understands first hand the struggles (both physically and mentally) that being obese causes.
  • Someone who has undergone bariatric surgery and can offer a unique, honest perspective of this process and how it changed my life.
  • ​Someone who has successfully maintained a 230 pound weight loss for five years and is willing to support and help you if you have questions.
  • Someone who can offer a fun, light, humorous atmosphere while maintaining a professional and comfortable judgement free zone. 
  • ​Someone who will give you accountability to stay committed to the process in order to keep you moving forward toward success.  You don't have to do this alone.
  • Someone who will expect you to work hard and learn how to transition and embrace a long term healthy lifestyle. 
  • Someone who truly cares about helping you succeed! 

I'm here for weight loss & wellness support for pre/post op bariatric patients.  From children to adults, everyone needs support in order to achieve long term success.  Why not reach out to someone who has walked in your shoes and can offer a unique first-hand perspective?  Not sure if weight loss surgery is the answer for you?  No problem!  I am here to motivate and support you and answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability!

Contact me with any questions and take your first  wycked step toward success!
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Wycked Wellness ® , Cranston, RI 02905

I am here to help keep you on your path and not let you stray too far!
Christin, Owner of Wycked Wellness, 2015